Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hayward Pump

My wife and I purchased our home here in Florida primarily for one reason...our backyard is a large inground swimming pool surrounded by a screened in cage. (Keeps the bugs out...very important in Florida.) Upon inspecting the pool system I was very pleased to see that our pool was built with a Hayward pump and filter system. Possessing a little bit of knowledge about swimming pool parts I was aware that a hayward pump and hayward pool filter were the top of the line in swimming pool equipment.

Living in Southwest Florida affords my wife and I the pleasure of using our pool almost nine months of the year, and that's without a pool heater. Our pool also gets a lot of use due to two of our grandkids, ages eight and ten, who have to be dragged out of the pool when Mom says it's time to go home.

The swimming pool at our home was built in 1984 with a Hayward pump and Hayward pool filter, for which I am grateful because the system just hums right along and has not given us any trouble whatsoever. Whoever had the swimming pool installed did it right with first class equipment. They also buried the backwash hose from the Hayward pool filter eliminating the annoyance of having to unroll the hose out to the street, perform the backwash process to clean the filter, and roll the hose back in to the filter housing. I know how important it is to keep the pool filter cleaned so that our Hayward pump stays in good running order.

So far this year I have had to backwash our filter three times. The pump runs normally at eight to ten pounds. I backwash our filter when the gauge is reading sixteen pounds. Having a screened in swimming pool greatly reduces the amount of debris getting into our pool and results in low maintenance so I don't have to be concerned about buying to many swimming pool parts. Since I'm the resident pool boy I really like that part. While I don't mind cleaning the pool, I'm more into just laying around and enjoying it preferably in my swimming shorts...especially when we have our one hundred degree days down here in the sunshine state. The Hayward pump and the Hayward pool filter make swimming pool maintenance a walk in the park and I honestly couldn't recommend any other pool maintenance product on the market.

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