Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hayward Pool Products

Hayward pool products offers a complete line of pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, controls, chlorinators, lighting, replacement parts, and general items for your pool and spa. Hayward is joining the "green" movement by designing all new energy efficient pumps and motors. Hayward pumps and motors are designed to run cooler, provide more volume and filtration with less energy than their competitors, and last a minimum of 35,000 hours or ten years of extended use.

The Northstar pump is a perfect example of Hayward pool products dedication to energy efficiency. The Northstar pump is perfect for your pool/spa combination as well as multi-tiered water features. With 2 inch x 2 1/2 parts and hydraulic engineering the Northstar delivers the water volume you need to run your pool. Low watt usage allows more water turnover with less electricity. The Northstar motor is powder coated with Perma-Coat, an anti-corrosion feature making it more resistant to the environment, especially areas with a salty air environment. (Those of us living in the Florida coastal areas really appreciate that feature).

The Northstar's one and a half horsepower motor delivers the same performance as it's 2 horsepower competitors. It is the lowest decibel motor on the market delivering years of quiet operation. The 220 cubic inch straining basket extends time between cleanings leaving more time for pure enjoyment of your swimming pool. The Northstar's design allows the motor to run 20% cooler and the high profile base elevates the pump for heavy rain environments.

Whether building a brand new swimming pool or having to replace your existing system, check out Hayward pool products and increase the enjoyment of your backyard swimming pool.

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