Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hayward Pool Filters

Hayward is one of the largest and best manufacturers of pool products in the country. Hayward pool filters are molded from a durable,colorfast, reinforced thermo-plastic to deliver maximium filtering with minimal maintenance regardless of weather conditions.

Hayward sand filters use a special grade pool filter sand. Known as grade #20 silica sand, it has sharp edges to separate particles permitting the filtering process. Debris is forced through the sand bed to become trapped in the miniscule grains of sand. A nice clean sand bed will, at first, filter out the large particles and as the sand bed begins to get saturated with the larger particles it will then begin to trap the very smallest particles of debris. One of the drawbacks of sand filters, they must be cleaned about once a week during swimming season. This is done by a process known as backwashing. Backwashing removes the debris from the sand bed by reversing the flow of water through the filter and into the street. This can mean the loss of hundreds of gallons of water but, must be done to ensure a sparkling clean pool.

Diatomaceous earth filters,(also called DE filters), manufactured by Hayward pool filters, are extremely efficient, but they require more maintenance than a sand filter. Diatomaceous earth is the skeletons of plankton. The gaps it leaves for water to pass through will filter debris down to mere microns. This filter will clog more frequently as it filters much more out of the water. This means backwashing which removes not only the particles of dirt but, also the DE powder which must be replaced. When backwashing is completed you then pour DE powder into the filter basket at the side of the pool which will, due to the suction, coat the filter grids with a new layer of DE powder. DE powder is relatively inexpensive but, costs can increase depending on the size of your pool and your outdoor environment.

A single grain of table salt measures 90 microns. A cartridge filter can trap particles of debris as small as 5 to 10 microns in size. To put that into perspective, anything below 35 microns is invisible to the human eye. Remember too, a small amount of dirt actually aids in the filtering process. Cartridge filters are not as expensive as DE filters but, cost more than sand filters. Hayward pool filters cartridge is easy to maintain. To clean a cartridge filter, turn off the pump, open the air valve at the top of the filter housing, then remove the top half of the housing. Simply lift the filter cartridge out, hose it down until clean, or replace if it's usefulness is up, put it back in the filter housing, making sure it's seated at the bottom, clamp down the top half of the filter housing so that it's an airtight seal and you're ready to turn the pump on.

Hayward pool filters manufactures these different styles of filters in all sizes to fit your pool filtering needs. Hayward pool filters will enable you to enjoy your pool without having to worry about maintenance.

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