Friday, May 1, 2009

Aquabot Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Todays product review focuses on the robotic pool cleaners from Aquabot. One of the most well known names in automatic pool cleaners, Aquabot builds in features that will allow you to get the enjoyment out of your swimming pool by taking care of the pool cleaning end of things. All that's required of you is to put it in the water.

The computer-controlled Aquabot is pre-programmed by Aqua to scour, empty and remove dirt and the flotsam that accumulates from the floor, walls, waterlines and steps of all sizes, shapes and exterior type of swimming pools in six hours or less -- automatically.

The very light Aquabot has its own pump and microfiltration bag to be found inside its body and operates from tip to toe self-governing of the main pool clean, eliminating the need for bulky hoses and costly to conduct booster pumps.

Engineered for reliable, worry free venture, the Aquabot cannot happen to stuck on flight of steps or ladders, or happen to matted in hoses like other pool cleaners. Just take the Aquabot out of the box and put it in your pool - There's nothing to install or put together.

Product Features:

Scrubbing Action- Front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes, power-driven by Aquabots in-house drive cruise, slacken off heavy dirt and fine particles to be vacuumed and ensnared in the microfilter bag.

Vacuuming- The Aquabots unusually high suction power and large vacuum intake ports allow it to suck up all types of dirt and debris.

Built-in Filtration Procedure- The Aquabot will clean and clean thousands of gallons of water per hour. The Aquabot is outfitted with an sizeable, reusable microfilter bag that has the position to hold many grass and twigs and is adept of filtering out all types of fine particles with sand, silt, algae and germs. The sieve bag can be certainly uninvolved and rinsed mop. And, since wreckage goes into your Aquabot, not your pool sort out, backwashing and onslaught cartridges is condensed by up to 80% discount thousands of gallons of dampen, chemicals, the nature and your filter.

Low looking after Constructed of corrosion-proof equipment, with fewer than 10 affecting parts, the Aquabot requires insignificant or no maintenance.

* Complete Pool Cleaning With One Button Touch Operation
* Scrubbing Cleaning Power will do 3500 Sq. Ft /Hr
* Built-In Filtration Filters 4000 GPH down to 2 Microns
* In service Cost: 1 Kilowatt Hr. per 6 Hours or About 10¢.
* Low upkeep and No Installation

The Aquabot Turbo T provides quadruple functionality to scrub power wash space and clean any pool up to 50 in extent apart from of its shape or facade type from floor to waterline and all in linking in as not enough as half the time of other cleaners.

Just drop it in and press a badge! No hoses to mess with rich shot pumps to run or sort family desirable. Put the last touches on attack of ANY pool in half the time. Scrubbing brush coordination loosens obstinate waste.

Power washing jets clean where brushes can't. Counterbalance vacuum ports for clog-free procedure. Biggest faculty reusable sift more garbage with less cleanings. Industrys healthiest filtration and water exchange. Expedient pool clearout at the touch of a pin. Best assurance and espouse interact in the commerce. Preservation cost hoard of up to 50% (chemicals water force

* Super fast cleaning power for bigger pools !
* Robotically turns itself off after a 7-hour attack sequence
* Works nearly twice as fast as the original Aquabot
* Will filter pools up to 20 ft x 50 ft
* Computer-controlled dynamo

Aquabot Turbo T4 conclude automatic pool clean-up approach w/ cool restraint. Skin: The top of the line Aquabot Turbo T4 is the most industrially forward-looking robotic pool cleaner on hand today. Steering of the Turbo T4 differs from other Aquabots in that the units concentrated effort sample is the most efficient ever twisted. It arrangements up and down up and down and navigates the pool using false astuteness intended by Aquaproducts. The consequence is a Crease heighten in steadfastness with a clean-up time as low as 1 hour. This much more efficient and shorter clean-up cycle makes it ideal for free form pools and it will even clean most flight of stairs and tight places.

In toting up, The T series units feature a water jet that kindly power washes to lift dogged rubble from cracks, crevices and tight corners. A hand held improbable rein in is also included. This allows you to spot clean a principally tough area or to touch up just before company shows up. Just like all other robots in the Aquabot line, The Turbo T4 operates as an individual of the the main pool sift and works with no hoses, no hookups, no jab pumps or suction defenses. Just place it in the water, push a knob and that's it! The pool gets cleaned certainly in keep information time.

The timer incorporates a 2 hour programmed shut off to safeguard prized power possessions and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the android. This competence can drive down wear and tear up to 6 times when compared to the non "Turbo T" units. The Aquabot Turbo T-4 utilizes the same greatly useful type of reusable mesh bag and power ambitious scrubbing brushes. The robot is proficient of filtering unnecessary rubble as small as 2 microns in size, yet still allows up to 5000 gallons of water to flow complete per hour. This results in the elimination of sand, silt, hair, metal particles, bacteria, and most algae. In toting up, large garbage such as acorns, vegetation, and kindling, are instantly and permanently detached. This plants you

* NO Hoses!
* Cleans Any Shape Group
* Filters Out Algae & Germs
* FREE BUGGY Integrated

As you can see, Aquabot has the field covered in the automatic pool cleaner industry. With their no installation, hands free operation your toughest decision is which lounge chair to nap in. Let your Aquabot pool cleaner take care of the clean up.


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